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Rum River Bank Stabilization

Completion Date : October 2015

Rachel was the lowest responsible bidder on a publicly bid river bank restoration project with the Anoka Conservation District (ACD). The Rum River has many steep banks with exposed soils that continue to erode and wash away. The ACD, with design from Houston Engineering, wanted to fix one particularly troubled spot of the river near Oak Grove. Rachel’s crews imported field stone rip rap from a local source and armored the 500 ft long bank with it. Four rip rap weirs were also installed that extended out into the river and will help reduce the flow of the river in the bend that was protected. A access road was utilized to bring materials and equipment to the site. The non-rip rap areas and access path were planted with native seed. The work was successfully completed within the project budget in October of 2015.


  • 1,300 tons of specialty rip rap aggregates
  • 300 tons of rip rap bedding aggregates
  • 2,000 lf of temporary access path construction and restoration
  • 1,000 cy of soil removal

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