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Bouret Dam

Completion Date : February 2021

The Bouret Dam Project consisted of the removal of an existing concrete dam and replacing it with a rock riffle system. A detailed water management plan was implemented so that river flows would by-pass the work area. This allowed crews the ability to removed the dam and the sediment could be excavated and exported to obtain a stable subgrade. Once the subgrade was established, a rock riffle system was installed which included various sizes of field stone rip rap and boulders. The project ultimately allowed upstream fish passage, improved river connectivity, and enhanced fish habitat.


  • Excavate and Export 1,500 CY of River Sediment
  • Import and Place 750 Ton of Granular Filter Aggregate
  • Import and Place 1,700 Ton of Base Rock
  • Import and Place 130 Large Boulders
  • Install 160 LF Sheet Pile Wall

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