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Brookdale Mall Demolition

Completion Date : December 2011

Rachel Contracting’s role in Shingle Creek Crossing began at the inception of the development as it was a consultant to the developer. Rachel helped design the project schedule and flow, allowing a 6 week window for the demolition phase to be completed. Rachel made way for the project by demolishing the approximately 1 Million SF multi-level mall structure, which included a Macy’s, Mervyns, and JC Penny along with other retail stores, and allowing site crews to work efficiently right behind them. In addition, since the Sears store remained open during demolition Rachel had to hand separate the mall from the store. Rachel recycled all of the concrete and asphalt materials from the demolition, and the products were reused onsite for the development project.


  • Demolition of Approximately 1 Million SF Multi Story Mall
  • Aggressive 6 Week Demo Schedule
  • Recycled over 85% of Building Material
  • All Concrete & Asphalt Recycled & Reused Onsite for the Redevelopment
  • Hand Separated the Mall from the Sears Store Which Remained Open During Demolition

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