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Former 3M Plant Demoltion – Beacons Bluff

Completion Date : July 2013

The SPPA redevelopment project consisted of the total demolition and environmental remediation of four buildings located at the Former 3M Campus. Rachel razed Building #99 a 207,000 SF industrial complex, Building #42 an 8-Story Administration Building that was tied into building #21, Building #2 a 4-story office building which is attached on every floor and shares a protected party wall to building #1 (every floor was hand separated), and building #41 a former two-story office building. In addition to the demolition, 30,000 tons of contaminated soil were removed and replaced with an import of 52,000 CY of granular borrow. All on-site concrete was crushed and reused onsite. Lastly, the site surface removals were restored including new curb, gutter, sidewalk, site utilities for storm, compost and seeding.


  • Combined Total Building Demolition of 1.2 Million Square Feet
  • Total Demolition of 200,000 SF–Industrial Complex Building #99
  • Total Demolition of 8-Story Office Building #42
  • Total Demolition of 4-Story Office Building #2 & Hand Separation From Building #1
  • Total Demolition of 2-Story Office Building #41
  • Removal of 30,000 +/- Tons of Contaminated Soils
  • Hazardous Materials Remediation- Asbestos, Lead, DRO’s & PCB’s @ All Buildings
  • 82,000 CY–Granular Borrow/Import & Place
  • 44,000 CY–Excavation & Recompaction of Existing Fill Soils
  • 450,000 SF–Building Demolition
  • 1,280 LF–Removal & Replacement of Water main
  • 33,000 CY–Concrete Processed
  • Installation of HUB Improvements

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