Grenora Wastewater Lagoon Expansion

Grenora, ND
Earthwork, Utilities, Specialty
Completion Date 
October 2015

In July of 2015, Rachel bid and was awarded a $1.6M contract for the construction of a Lagoon Expansion in the City of Grenora. Crews were able to get started right away and kept the 50 year old existing facility operational while moving materials, installing pipe, and expanding the pre-existing two lagoon facility into an improved three lagoon system with dike access roads and slopes lined with rip rap. In roughly two months time, Rachel was able to complete all work and have the final walk through before winter arrived. This biggest challenge was dealing with the actual wastewater product; some might say it was a "crappy" job.

  • 51,360 CY of Common Excavation
  • 16,920 CY of Sludge/Muck Excavation
  • 1,676 LF of 12" C900 & SDR 35 PVC Sanitary Sewer
  • 4,252 CY of Rip Rap