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BEPC Judson Substation

Completion Date : May 2015

North Dakota is faced with high demands for additional energy supply, and with that; Basin Electric Power Cooperative has been expanding it’s facilities to meet those needs. Rachel Contracting was selected to establish the foundation for Basin Electric’s Judson Substation just a few miles west of Williston. After working through the permitting and regulation process, Rachel broke ground in September. The crew conditioned soils with their operations to achieve the level of moisture content required and to gain the compaction necessary to establish a solid foundation. With fair weather they were able to work steady through October. Working 12 hour days 6 days a week to finish in time for the client’s next phase. All mass grading operations were completed in just a four week period. Winter came quick hitting hard the first week of November, but the crew was able to battle through the elements and complete the utilities and aggregates in time to turn over to the client for their next phase of work. The project was completed without incident, on time, within budget, and turned over with a high standard of quality.


  • 75,000 CY–Mass Grading
  • 20,000 Ton–Import Aggregates
  • 3,300 LF–18″ & 24″ Corrugated HDPE
  • 17 Each–48″ Storm Collection Manholes
  • 750,000 Gallon–Storm Water Pond Constructed

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