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Northern Stacks Phase I

Completion Date : December 2014

The site of the new Northern Stacks development has a long history. The 122 acre site was a facility that manufactured gun turrets during WWII & it earned six “Battle E” awards from the US Navy which are proudly displayed on their smoke stacks. The first phase of redevelopment included extensive soil correction to manage impacted soil. The contaminated soil was excavated and placed in specified areas before being covered with clean sand according to the requirements of the MPCA’s Response Action Plan. The earthwork took roughly 4 months to complete. Due to the long history of the site there were some misconceptions on the actual location of the water main connection that would feed the new building. Eventually it was decided that Rachel & SPU would have to extend the new 12″ water service over half a mile to the City of Fridley’s water main. It took a strong team effort to complete the water main without delaying the new construction. Inside the new 213,000 sf building Rachel installed vapor barrier and over 4,500 lf of vent piping. Eventually to complete the floor system 18,000 cy of sand were brought into the building after the precast walls were installed.


  • 27 Acre–Site Redevelopment
  • 79,000 CY–Impacted soil Excavated & Placed
  • on-site per MPCA Response Action Plan
  • 76,000 CY–Clean Sand Generated for Buffer Soil and Sand Cushion
  • 6,100 LF–New Watermain Installation
  • 1,100 LF– New Sanitary Sewer
  • 213,000 SF–Vapor Barrier
  • 4,500 LF–Underfloor Vent Piping
  • Line 3 Stormwater ponds with 2 FT layer of Clay
  • Separation and Demolition of an Annex Building
  • Foundation Excavation & Backfill for new
  • 213,000 SF Bulk Distribution Facility

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