General Mills R&D Facility Project Featured

NDA’s DEMOLITION Magazine Highlights the Unique Demolition Project

Rachel Contracting’s demolition crew teamed up with Doran to make way for a new Multi Family project. Rachel was hired to clear the site of the former General Mills Research and Development (R&D) building located at 311 2nd Street SE, Minneapolis.  The work included the total demolition of six buildings that made up the R&D facility.  The buildings were as high as six levels with a total of 384,000 square feet of floor space.  We salvaged the building mechanical equipment along with all of the furniture and fixtures that was left behind from General Mills.  The interior GWB walls, AT Drop ceilings and carpet were selectively removed to get clean concrete floors.  The concrete was then crushed onsite for beneficial reuse.  We recycled over 30,000 tons of concrete and over 1,000 tons of ferrous & non-ferrous metals.  Over 85% of the material generated on the project was recycled. 

The unique project was recently featured in the National Demolition Association’s DEMOLITION Magazine publication.  Check out the full publication at the link below:

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