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Xcel – SHERCO Bottom Ash

Completion Date : October 2014

Rachel Contracting was selected by Xcel Energy in the spring of 2014 to complete the annual bottom ash project at their coal-fired power plant located in Becker, MN. The multifaceted project had many goals that Xcel’s project team wanted to accomplish:

Removal of roughly 100,000 CY of bottom ash from their existing pond to create more space for new bottom ash. Closure of Pond 2 (28 acres) with a LLDPE liner with granular drainage layer and topsoil cover. Slope stabilization on Pond 2. Raising the bottom ash benches on Pond 3.

Rachel’s crews worked safely and diligently throughout the months of July, August and September to complete the project on time and without incident.


  • 100,000 CY–Bottom Ash Handling
  • 30 Acres–LLDPE Liner
  • 50,000 CY–Granular Drainage Layer Installed over Liner
  • 50,000 CY–Topsoil Placement

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