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Xcel – Benson Power Plant Demolition

Completion Date : November 2019

Rachel Contracting was hired to demolish the former Benson Biomass Power Plant, which began operation in 2007, had a 55 MW electrical capacity and the ability to burn about 700,000 tons of poultry litter and wood chips annually. The work included performing an asbestos survey, removal of universal wastes, asset recovery, utility disconnects, SWPPP management, and demolition of the entire power plant including a powerhouse building over 150 feet tall, 300 feet tall dual wall steel stack, steam turbine generator, water treatment building, spray dry absorber, fabric filter baghouse, lime silo, air cooled condenser, fin fan coolers, ash handling facilities, fuel receiving, miscellaneous tanks, vessels and equipment. Site restoration included backfilling of the voids created by the demolition of the foundations and seeding.


  • Recycled over 7,000 tons of Steel
  • Recycled over 16,000 tons of concrete
  • Imported over 16,000 tons of sand
  • Demolition of Powerhouse Building over 150 feet tall
  • Demolition of 300 tall Dual Wall Steel Stack
  • Demolition of 55 MW Generator

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