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Metropolitan WWTP – Pigs Eye F&I Demolition

Completion Date : May 2015

Rachel Contracting was hired by Rice Lake Construction Group to perform the selective demolition at the active Metropolitan Waste Water Treatment Plant. The work included selective demolition of the scum building that was elevated over the settling tanks, selective demolition of the primary settling tanks #4 through #6 and backfill with 30,000 CY of recycled concrete. Work performed by Rachel Crews also included selective demolition of the Filtration & Incinerator Building to the top of the first floor structural slab, selective demolition of the sludge concentration vault, and selective removal of F&I No. 2 conveyor system and equipment. In addition to the selective demolition, Rachel completed total demolition of the Chlorine Rail Car unloading Building, removal of Fuel oil tanks, demolition of 70′ brick stack next to active electrical control room, and the cleaning of the incinerator building including the removal & disposal of hazardous brick and ash.


  • 25,000 SF–Demolition of Building to top of 1st Floor Structural Slab
  • Hand Demo of 70′ Brick Stack next to Live Electrical Room
  • 2,900 SF–Demolition of Scum Building Elevated over Settling Tanks
  • Demolition of Primary Settling Tanks #4, #5, #6 (Mech. Equip., Chains, Drives) Including Removal of concrete walls, beams and columns
  • Backfill Settling Tanks with Recycled Concrete & Construct Area Drains
  • Removal of Oil Tanks & Conveyor
  • Cleaning of all surfaces in Incinerator Building & Removal of Hazardous Ash & Brick

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