Former 3M Plant Demoltion - Beacons Bluff

St. Paul, MN
Completion Date 
July 2013

The SPPA redevelopment project consisted of the total demolition and environmental remediation of four buildings located at the Former 3M Campus. Rachel razed Building #99 a 207,000 SF industrial complex, Building #42 an 8-Story Administration Building that was tied into building #21, Building #2 a 4-story office building which is attached on every floor and shares a protected party wall to building  #1 (every floor was hand separated), and building #41 a former two-story office building. In addition to the demolition, 30,000 tons of contaminated soil were removed and replaced with an import of 52,000 CY of granular borrow. All on-site concrete was crushed and reused onsite.  Lastly, the site surface removals were restored including new curb, gutter, sidewalk, site utilities for storm, compost and seeding.

  • Combined Total Building Demolition of 1.2 Million Square Feet
  • Total Demolition of 200,000 SF--Industrial Complex Building #99
  • Total Demolition of 8-Story Office Building #42
  • Total Demolition of 4-Story Office Building #2¬† & Hand Separation From Building #1
  • Total Demolition of 2-Story Office Building #41
  • Removal of 30,000 +/- Tons of Contaminated Soils
  • Hazardous Materials Remediation- Asbestos, Lead, DRO's & PCB's @ All Buildings
  • 82,000 CY--Granular Borrow/Import & Place
  • 44,000 CY--Excavation & Recompaction of Existing Fill Soils
  • 450,000 SF--Building Demolition
  • 1,280 LF--Removal & Replacement of Water main
  • 33,000 CY--Concrete Processed
  • Installation of HUB Improvements

Project Team 

Nick Bartemio

Senior Project Manager

Don Ritsen

Senior Estimator