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Dakota Commerce Phase 1

Completion Date : Fall 2021

Rachel worked hand-in-hand with both the owner and engineer through the design phase providing budgets and value engineering options that were ultimately adopted. The project consisted of both Rachel’s core businesses, demolition & earthwork. The demo component of the project required the complete demo of 2 farm yards that had asbestos and other regulated materials that needed to be disposed of properly. The earthwork was short common fill but was long on topsoil. Rachel over-excavated the designed storm ponds to obtain the additional fill that was needed and were backfilled with the excess topsoil. The majority of the structure excavation Rachel performed before other subs were on site. However, towards the completion of Rachel’s crew worked seamlessly with the building contractors to complete our work while minimizing any impacts to their work.


  • 35,000 CY of Topsoil Stripping
  • 63,000 CY of Mass Grading
  • 16,000 CY of Foundation Excavation/Backfill
  • 50,000 Tons of Imported Granular Bedding
  • 8,800 Ton of Imported Aggregate Base
  • Demolition of Two Farm Yards

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