Safety Record

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Together with our team members, our customers, and partners, Rachel Contracting is "Committed to Safety" as our highest priority.  

Committed to Safety

Our people are our most important asset.  Therefore, their well-being at work, home, and on the road is our highest priority.  Rachel Contracting is "Committed to Safety" of our team and the people and property we work with and around every day.  Our Safety Programs have been developed amidst a diverse range of industries and clientele.  These programs are living programs that are reviewed, amended, and transformed continually to meet the ever-changing environments our team encounters each and every day.

Fostering a Safety Culture

Our programs emphasize the responsibility of every person within our organization to prioritize safety.  Our "Stop Work Responsibility" program is utilized by every person on our team regardless of position.  This program has fostered the continuing transition of a safety "Climate to Culture" in our organization.  "Culture" requires the active participation of everyone, every day, in which we endorse and expect of our team and they expect of each other.

Safety Awards

  • MN AGC Jeff Jensen Memorial Construction Safety Excellence Award
  • National Demolition Association Michael J. Casbon Safety Award
  • MN Safety Council Governor's Award of Honor
  • NDSC Workplace Safety Merit Award
  • LECET Safety Driven Contractor Award of Excellence
  • AGC CHASE Program Level 3
  • MUCA Safety Award

Safety Affiliations