Mission Statement

Rachel is "Committed to Community" - supporting our local communities by encouraging the Rachel Team to get involved and give back.

Our goal is to encourage everyone on the Rachel Team to get involved and give back to those who need help the most.  Rachel Contracting will match employee donations and time invested into community non-profits.  The matching funds will then be invested back into our communities where we work, live and play.  

  • If Employees make personal donations into non-profit organizations, Rachel Contracting will match 100% of these funds up to $250 per employee each year into the Rachel Foundation.
  • If Employees volunteer their personal time for non-profit organizations, Rachel Contracting will match the first 5 hours of time at the value of $50/hr up to $250 per employee each year into the Rachel Foundation.
  • Rachel Contracting will also support up to 2 EA (semi-annually) Team Building Charity events on company time.

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2022 Rachel Foundation Annual Report 

Scholarship Program

The Rachel Foundation is proud to be able to assist students in pursuing their educational goal, especially within the construction industry. In addition, The Rachel Foundation is also an advocate of continuing education for those that are already in industry looking to further their knowledge of the construction trades and higher education. 

Scholarship Awards Available:

  • Two (2) $2,000 - Technical College/Trade School/2-Year College
  • One (1) $4,000 - 4-year College 

*To be eligible, applicant must be a relative of a current Rachel Employee. Per IRS guidelines, depending on number of applicants per year we reserve the right to adjust the number of scholarships awarded.  

Community Involvement

We are passionate about supporting the communities where our employees live and work.  Reaching out to those in need truly contributes to the well-being of our people and communities.

Who are we going to support?

  1. Registered non-profit organizations that support and help out the greater community.

  2. The focus is on "who needs it the most".  
  3. At the heart of our community support is the mission of creating places and opportunities for people to thrive.

Check out our recent events!  Community Involvement

Black Ice Jig - Ice Fishing Event

As a company we are proud to be able to sponsor this event and raise

money to give back to our local communities.

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