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MN Vets Home Building 22

Completion Date : Estimated August 2017

Rachel was selected to perform earthwork operations on the proposed Vets Home Building 22 project in spring of 2015. Due to the need for raising of the existing building and relocation of patients within this building, the Vets Home project was broken up into two different phases. The phase 1 work for Rachel consisted of excavation and backfill of interior footings as well as site grading, excavation, and backfill of a temporary link to the other building. This work was completed in Fall of 2015 with phase 2 beginning Spring of 2016. Phase 2 work presents many challenges including close to 18,000 CY of export within a tight site with limited access, rock excavation to accommodate the new building foundation, and over a mile of drain tile below the building slab to help handle any ground water lying atop the underlying bed rock.


  • 18,000 CY of common export from project site
  • 1,000 CY of rock excavation making room for buildings new basement
  • 6,500 LF of drain tile below slab on grade to handle water on top of bed rock

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