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Completion Date : 2022

Avienda was a project that was initially slated to start back in 2014 for Rachel. After getting through the majority of obstacles that had held it back from starting, it finally kicked off in July of 2021. When complete in 2022, the project will consist of a mix of residential, commercial, and retail uses. During the 2021 construction season Rachel earthwork crews took care of preparing the site for utilities, building pads, and streets. The Rachel utility crews also installed the sanitary sewer for the project late into the Fall. As soon as weather permits in the Spring of 2022, Rachel crews will be back at it to install the watermain, storm sewer, and streets. Rachel is anticipating that as the individual sites with-in the project develop that this will also be work that gets added for next year and beyond.


  • 95 acre site development
  • Nine acre tree clearing and stump grubbing
  • 20,000 LF of silt fence
  • 150,000 CY topsoil stripping
  • 140,000 CY off-site muck removal
  • 50,000 CY on-site soil correction
  • 850,000 CY common excavation
  • 75,000 CY import borrow

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